BMW is at your side with a comprehensive range of services. With vehicle checks or regular service appointments. Our trained experts take a very close look so that any problems are detected at an early stage and, ideally, damage cannot occur in the first place. Our aspiration is to ensure you of a relaxing ride at all times and Proactive Care is our new service pledge.


We want to be there for you so that urgent issues do not arise. Proactive Care has both a proactive and a preventive function. Real-time analysis of your vehicle data enables service, maintenance or repair requirements to be detected at an early stage. When necessary, you will be contacted via the My BMW App, by e-mail or a message sent directly to your vehicle. If there is an urgent issue after all, you will receive a phone call from a BMW expert. This ensures breakdowns cannot occur in the first place, and that you can relax and continue driving.


  1. Proactive. Avoidance of possible breakdowns.
  2. Individual. Additional needs-oriented service offers.
  3. Straightforward. Remote problem solving and maintenance.
  4. Professional. Direct assistance from BMW experts, BMW Service Centres and with Original BMW Parts.
  5. Free of charge. Included in the BMW ConnectedDrive contract.


Do you want to benefit from Proactive Care? It’s all very easy. Here you can find out how:​​


    • Sensors read out vehicle data and automatically transfer them to BMW.
    • Any malfunctions are detected early and sorted by urgency.
    • If there is any need for maintenance or repair or a malfunction is present, you will be contacted.
    • Contact takes place either via the My BMW App, by e-mail or directly in the vehicle. In urgent cases, you will receive a phone call.
    • You will receive competent assistance on site, quickly via Remote Services or an appointment offer with an Authorised BMW Service Centre of your choice. The transferred data will enable the workshop to make specific preparations and order any spare parts needed


Your checklist for Proactive Care:

    • Active BMW ConnectedDrive contract.
    • Consent to the current BMW ConnectedDrive conditions.
    • Technical activation in the vehicle (Smart Maintenance and/or Ensure Mobility).
    • Completion and release of your contact data in the BMW ConnectedDrive profile.


Your Authorised BMW Service Centre is happy to help you.


Proactive Service starts with regular maintenance and vehicle checks. These activities represent one of the key pillars in the avoidance of damage and early detection of problems. This is why our experienced BMW Service specialists carry out a rigorous check of your vehicle. Whether vehicle checks, servicing for brakes, windscreen or wheels and tyres – in every check and maintenance operation we make sure that the sheer driving pleasure with your BMW remains at the highest level.


Only an expert vehicle check can give you the certainty that your vehicle is in a perfect condition. Our service specialists inspect your BMW very carefully and remedy any defects. They provide you with expert advice and recommend precisely the vehicle check that your BMW requires. According to needs, the following vehicle checks can be carried out.


BMW Climate Check

Relaxed driving even on hot days. The BMW Climate Check:

  • Inspection of air-conditioner condenser, drive belts and microfilter (replacement optional)
  • Inspection of the air-conditioning performance and outlet temperature
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the microfilter housing and with Original BMW Cleaning Agent
  • Pressure check in the cooling system (topping up with cooling agent optional)

We also recommend:

  • Cleaning of the air conditioning 1x per year
  • Inspection of the cooling medium level
  • Cleaning of the air conditioning evaporator
  • Cleaning of the microfilter housing

For all BMW models at all participating Authorised BMW Service Centres. If any adjustments should be necessary or if any fluids have to be topped up, we will inform you of this and charge you separately for the additional costs incurred.

BMW Holiday Check

A safe start to your vacation with the BMW Holiday Check:

  • Carry out vehicle test with BMW diagnostics system
  • Visual inspection of wheels/tyres for damage, tread depth and tyre pressure
  • Visual examination of the brake system, suspension, shock absorbers and steering components
  • Inspection of the windscreen and wiper blades for damage
  • Visual inspection of all drive belts
  • Check on fluid levels
  • Functional check of heating and air conditioning unit
  • Functional test of the exterior and interior lighting
  • Check of software status for the navigation device
  • Inspection of the windscreen wiper and washer unit

For all BMW models at all participating Authorised BMW Service Centres. If any adjustments should be necessary or if any fluids have to be topped up, we will inform you of this and charge you separately for the additional costs incurred.


The BMW Wheels and Tyres Service ensures that tyres, wheels, and chassis components are perfectly tuned to each other. Our BMW Service specialists recommend the optimum tyres for your vehicle with BMW tyre marking. Only these tyres match our strict quality standards. It goes without saying that you can rely on our professional service for changing, inspecting and maintaining your tyres, whether for spares or complete wheel sets.


Original BMW Complete Wheel Sets: ideal for your BMW

BMW Complete Wheel Sets offer you the ideal combination: the tyres with BMW tyre marking have been specially developed and tested for BMW vehicles. Original BMW light alloy wheels impress with their reduced weight, extremely long service life and attractive design. This is how to combine an appealing look with safety.

Original BMW wheels and tyres change: professional, reliable, cost-conscious

Whether changing tyres or wheels, you are in the best possible hands with our BMW Service specialists. Our tyre changes also include extensive testing and maintenance of the tyres. At the same time, we guarantee you the greatest care and expertise with first-class value for money.

BMW Maintenance: that pleasant feeling of safety. 

Regular servicing of your BMW ensures you enjoy that ideal safety and driving sensation. The innovative CBS (Condition Based Service) maintenance system plans operations such as oil changes or inspections in an individual and needs-based manner. If you have provided you consent to Proactive Care, only the relevant vehicle date will be transferred directly to your preferred Authorised BMW Service Centre. They will then contact you proactively to arrange a service appointment with you.

BMW brake service.

The brakes are the safety components of your BMW subjected to the most strain. Our service examines the brakes together with the brake discs and pads as well as the brake fluid so that everything is returned to a perfect condition.

BMW windscreen repairs. 

Minor glass damage in the windscreen is almost a fact of life if you drive a lot. Such damage is annoying – and can become dangerous. However, our experience shows that up to 70 per cent of all glass damage can be repaired without great effort. Simply, swiftly and cost-effectively. Specially trained BMW Service experts​ carefully examine all glass damage and remedy it quickly and reliably with the BMW windscreen repair in customary BMW quality.


The full scope of BMW Service.

Explore our other attractive service offers and find the perfect service – for your BMW model, for your individual needs and for carefree sheer driving pleasure.

BMW Service Inclusive. 

Tailor-made offers for long-term maintenance services at a fixed price.

BMW Value Service. 

Attractive offers for BMW models aged above four years.

My BMW App.

An easy way to manage maintenance and service appointments as well using the My BMW App.


What is Proactive Care?

BMW is one of the first manufacturers in the automobile industry to offer proactive and preventive services. Proactive Care, taking action before it becomes necessary, that it is our promise. To achieve this, precise sensors evaluate real-time data and automatically detect any pending service and repair needs for your BMW. You will be contacted in the event of any irregularities.

Why do I need to update my data for Proactive Care?

If you want to enjoy all the benefits of BMW Service, please check that your contact details such as your telephone number or email address are up to date so that we can get in touch with you if necessary. Please make sure that you have consented to the use of your data and mapped your BMW in your ConnectedDrive account. Only then can we provide you with comprehensive and customized support in the event of a service need.

What is CBS (Condition Based Service)?

At BMW, maintenance is not routinely performed at fixed intervals. Instead, it is based on actual vehicle usage. The CBS (Condition Based Service) monitors the condition of components for wear as well as fluid quality through sensors and specific algorithms. When the vehicle is new it will display a theoretical first service date which will be revised as you use the vehicle. As such, you will only be alerted when a service is required.

Why should I have my windscreen replaced by BMW?

The windscreen is a key factor in the vehicle’s overall rigidity, functionality, and safety. After replacing the windscreen, it is necessary to recalibrate the sensors, cameras, and head-up display. In order to do this, the BMW Experts use the manufacturer’s specific tools, which they are specially trained to use. This perfect calibration is essential to ensure that your vehicle’s safety systems and the automatic windscreen wipers function correctly.